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The benefits to be derived through the use of high quality lubricating oils and Greases can be easily offset if proper care is not taken during storage and handling of lubricants.

Any contamination with dirt , dust or moistures will impare the lubricating qualities of the product and may lead to excessive wear , loss of power and early breakdown.

During the course of the survey the effort was made to study the storage and handling practices on your plant. Some of our observations and suggestions for possible improvements are given below.

We also give below some guide lines on storage handling and dispension of the lubricants which if implemented will prolong the life of the lubricants and also ensure protection to plant and Equipment through proper quality of lubricants.

  1. Some guidelines on Storage handling and dispensation. As mentioned above lubricants are suscepectable to contamination with moistures foreign particles etc. if not stored properly. Contamination can also occur in course of handling and dispention. Hence certain basic precautions need to be taken, as detailed below in storage and Handling and dispensation of lubricants.

    • Unloading of Drums.
    • Unloading of drums from Vehicle / Railway wagon requires both careful handling.
  2. Oils of different grade should be stored in separate lots with a board hung nearby each lot indicating the name of the oil. The horizontal stacking should not be more than 2-high and separate stacks should have sufficient spacing to facilitate handling and moving of the barrels.
  3. Wherever outdoor storage is unavoidable the barrels should be stored horizontally. with the bungs in the 3-Clock, 9-Clock position. on wooden battens (called dunnage). Water logging should not be allowed in the water storage area.
  4. In case any barrel has to be stored on its end it should be kept tilted so that rain water does not collect on the top of the barrel.
Grease Barrels
  1. Grease barrels should be stored vertically in the covered storage since they are sensitive to contamination with moisture and extraneous materials.
  2. Wherever outdoor storage is unavoidable the barrels should be kept separated with the ground with the help of wooden dunnage and covered with the tarpaline to prevent water from collection on the lid.
Dispention of lubricants.
  1. After opening the barrel the bungs / lids should be kept close to prevent impurities like dust, water or fiber from entering. Such contaminants eventually finding there way in to machinery can cause damage by abrasion or by blocking oil passages leading to a complete breakdown due to lack of lubrication.
  2. Dispensing container should not be dipped in to the lube oil / grease drums. Where ever possible the drums of the lube ol in use should be placed on wooden cradles of convenient height and oil should be dispensed by means of atrap with a dip tray placed underneath. Alternatively the drum may be stored on its end and the product withdrawn with a clean hand pump.
  3. Container used for the transporting the lubricant with in the factory must be kept clean and provided with the leads. Use of the cotton waste and wollen rags should be avoided since they leave behind the fibers which may find their way in to machinery.
  4. It is advisable to have separate clearly marked dispensing containers for each group oils and for individual greases.
  5. In general the greases are very susceptible to chances of contamination both due to the fact that all the entire top lid can be opened and unlike oils external contaminants do not sink to the bottom special care. Therefore needs to be taken in handling greases . Clean wooden seatulas should be preferably used for grease dispention.
During the survey it was observed that Lube oil drums are stored vertically. There is only one Hand pump for drawing oil from the barrels and the same oil cans are used for all products.

We suggest the following low cost modifications for improving the systems.
  1. Lube oil drums should be stored horizontally with the small and big bungs in an axis parallel to the ground. i.e. 3Oclock, 9 O'clock position. This will prevent ingress of moisture with the air through normal breathing action.
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